About us:

We have been supplying quality concrete products to the trade since 1981. Reinforced Concrete

has stood the test of time and our repeat customers are proof of that.

We pride ourselves on continuous improvement in quality systems and

customer satisfaction. Assisting with the project management of building or renovating.

We can turn around a delivery & fit schedule within 3 working days from point of sale.


7-tank-fitting-1 9-fitting-tank-2 a-custom-designed-lid-slabs-with-access-hatch

  • Sewage Treatment Systems,
  • Septic Tanks (also with reed bed systems),
  • Pumping Chambers,
  • Percolation Manholes/Distribution Box.


sheep-dip-bath treatment-unit-1 water-trough-1-3

  • Rainwater Harvesting Systems (agricultural & domestic) from 3000 Litres up,
  • Sheep Dipping Baths (dept of agriculture approved),
  • Agri/Farm Yard Effluent Tanks,
  • Drinking Troughs (45, 55 & 200 Gallon).


used-as-garage-pit pump-chamber-distribution-box-1 rain-water

  • Oil Interceptors & Garage Pits,
  • Car Wash Collection Chambers, etc..

We provide our clients with various maintennance agreements and guarantee our work. Whether it’s a Sheep Dipping bath up a mountain, an Oil Interceptor in a town centre or a new Treatment unit for a domestic dwelling, we can provide you with a reinforced concrete structure solution that will stand the test of time.

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  • Office: 071 96 20 451
  • Danny: 087 252 6 383
  • Eugene: 086 252 6 383
  • or email us on durkinconcreteproducts@gmail.com